Programs and Services

The Health Director is responsible for the management and administration of the health clinic. The Health Director provides direct supervision for the following JSHC programs: Health and Wellness, Dental Therapy including COHI, Physician Services, Transportation, Water Quality Monitoring, Office Management and Janitorial Services. He is also predominantly involved with: Policy and procedures development; Program planning and evaluation; Facilities, personal, records, financial and program management (with the exception of Nursing Services which is managed by the NIC/Nursing Manager); Provision of reports to funding agencies (i.e. FNIH financial reports & activities); Facilitation of and collaboration with the Health Committee; Reporting on the health service at Band Management meetings, Chief & Council meetings and the annual band assembly; Preparation of funding proposals, Networking and liaison with other Band departments.

Community Health Representative
Day Care Program
Dental Program
Diabetes Program
Facility Maintenance
Health and Wellness Program
Health Nurse Program
Home Community Care Program
Maternal Child Health Program
Medical Transportation
Water Safety
Working Teams of the JSHC.