Diabetes Program

The community Diabetes Program is sponsored by the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) and is facilitated by a Certified Diabetes Educator. The goal is to create awareness and provide services for prevention and management of diabetes.

1. To provide individual counselling for community members who are at risk or have diabetes
2. To offer programming and awareness on diabetes and prevention.
3. To organize health promotion initiatives that will create awareness and prevent diabetes

1. Individual counselling
2. Monthly Diabetes Gatherings
3. Home visits
4. Cooking classes
5. School presentations
6. Community Awareness
7. Diabetes and Kidney screening

Anyone can see the nurse or dietitian.

The nurse is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during clinic hours.

The dietitian is casual and days vary.

For appointment, to attend any of the programs or for more information, contact:

Jan Cochrane RN BSN CDE at the health clinic or leave a message