Community Health Representative Program

The CHR services in the community of James Smith cover’s a large amount of different activities, some of which is planning on activities on independently & also working with other health staff professionals. This report will go in detail as to what the CHR program offers to the community and how it works with other staff members on the team.

Medication Delivery-  Chrs deliver urgent medication on a daily bases.
Medication Deliveries - 2700

Home Visiting – each CHR is required to 25 home visits each month. To let home owners, families and mother’s about services the health clinic provide and ask about concerns they may have e.g.: water, sewer, mold, immunizations, doctor days. Pre/post natal. Chronically ill patients

Referrals – CHR refers clients to other health care professionals, as the need arises and also finds other services for clients to off reserve services. We also work closely with the transportation coordinator.       352 Clients Referrals

Hearing Program – Bernard Constant Community School staff conduct the hearing program.

Eye Exams – 3rd annual eye exam clinic at Bernard Constant School with Dr. Holmgrems office. CHRS are responsible for getting parental consent from the parents and relaying messages from parents to Dr. Holmgrems office. We assist with the students if parents are not available.

Infection Control – CHR’s go to the school and teach hand washing 2 times per year
Nursery – 12
296 Students
We also teach the housewife’s, family about head lice, sores children may have proper laundering, also any other concerns parents may have. A lot of times CHR’S have to refer them to a doctor. The E.H.O from P.A.G.C. also comes out to our community checking homes that were referred by health care professionals. We also make referrals to John Moostoos who is our water tech in our community. 125 Homes

Immunization Program – C.H.R’S help the community health nurse taking height, weight, of babies and assisting the mothers. We also contact the parents when baby is due and some time we need to do extra teaching with parents who will not bring their child in for their immunization.

Immunization Graduation – This year is our 4rd annual Immunization Graduation, CHR’S work with the Community Health Nurses. We take this time to celebrate and thank the parents for bringing in their children and getting them protected from all the different childhood sicknesses that can make our children very sick.

The CHR are actively involved in many program delivery, they assist the Nurses and other health providers in immunization clinic, prenatal program, home visit, organizing Cancer Awareness, Eye Exam for our Children, Dental Care and many other activities.