e-Health Report for 2012-2013

Information Technology

James Smith Health Clinic has taken advantage of new technology as it has become available and more affordable. Using Information Technology, we are better able to support, manage and enhance the delivery of health programs and services. This also plays an important role in the organization's recruitment and retention efforts.

Data Collection systems for:

James Smith Health Clinic done a pilot project on the collection of immunization data collection (SIMS Saskatchewan Immunization Management Systems) a person was hired to input the data. There were approximately 350 client charts entered into the system. The target group was 19 years and younger, or those born in 1994 and after. She was very successful in also entering and updating all the children who continue to live on the reserve and attend school elsewhere and those numbers are included in the total data collection.

Future Initiatives

1. Program Daily Stats
2. Home and Community Care
3. Medical Transportation
4. Dental

Video Conferencing

Through a partnership with PAGC and support from e Health Infostructure Unit FNIHB video conferencing equipment was installed in the Health Clinic boardroom.

This has been a worthwhile endeavour to have video conferencing equipment.
Successes of this capacity include having the ability to keep staff in the community instead of sending them out for training. We have also been able to link with partners ie. NITHA, using the equipment to have meetings to deal with communicable disease issues.

Some of the challenges are the inability to interact with provincial partners in the health care sector such as health regions. At the present time we are unable to access any training, in service, or case management with the health regions. If we had this ability client care would certainly improve. For instance if we had the ability to discuss a client's care with certain physicians it would save time and resources for everyone involved. Client would not have to leave the community for health care.

The staff have used the equipment to access the training and in services that NITHA has to offer to community health nurses and support staff such as infection control updates and immunization updates. We were also able to use video conferencing when we had a communicable disease outbreak in the community. Once we have the ability to connect with other agencies we know it will be very beneficial to our health clinic, programs, staff and clients.

High Speed Internet / e Health

Through The e Health initiative fiber optic line that will be installed to the health centers. James Smith Health Clinic will have the fiber optic line installed in 2013.

Through a NITHA initiative, we are working towards upgrading our network infrastructure and eventually move to the Province's Community Net (Private Health Network).

Policy Development:

James Smith Health will be working on developing policy. The lack of e-Health policies that will guide the implementation of information technologies to better address our pressing health issues in the community. The development of these policies need to be undertaken now with the participation of all stakeholders; providers, patients, vendors and governments. Some of these will be unique to our jurisdiction.