Mission Statement

"James Smith Health Staff will work together as a team in the spirit of co-operation, mutual support and respect to provide holistic health care services to the best of our abilities."

Philosophy, Values and Principles

James Smith Band Government views on Treaty Rights and Principles Related to Health Care were described in the 2005 Community Health Plan and updated in 2012 by the JS Health Committee. They are as follows:

The Treaties provide that "medicines" will be supplied "free of charge" and that medical treatment would be provided "to all Indians who might be in need or require them". Through this Treaty process the Indian Nations agreed to cede certain lands for use and settlement in return for specific guarantees. These guarantees are our Treaty Rights. The Treaties gave Canada use and benefits of land for political, social, economic and spiritual development. The Treaties reserved lands and resources for continued Indian use and economic Rights to Indian Nations to ensure continuation of strong Indian government.

Vision and Goals

The Programs and services delivered by James Smith Health are based on the following: