Message from Health Director, Mike Marion

Once again, I am happy to report on the year in review with the James Smith Health Clinic. The 2012-2013 Health Clinic programs and services annual report provides an overall review, through informational program summaries and the audited financial statements for the year ending March 31, 2013.

2012-1013 brings to an end of another five year health agreement with First Nation Inuit Health since the first health transfer agreement was signed in 1994 by the leadership. These agreements were to give more control to the First Nations Health Program to administer certain health programs and services. A five year community health plan was developed that involved many people from the community and a final community approval process from the membership was given to enter into these Health Agreements. Since then there has been four community health evaluations done and four community health plans develop for those agreements.

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Message from Office Manager, Delores Marion

It has been a very busy year for everyone involved to meet the challenges and provide services to the community. It takes a dedicated team to meet the requirements of the daily routine of a busy Health Clinic. It has been a successful year and we continue to participate in the health services. The staff continues to do the best to provide the services for your community.

We attend professional development courses to update or enhance our skills in modern technology. I would like to commend the staff for your commitment throughout the year for our community.

Message from Co-Manager Finance, Matt Holinaty

I have been privileged to witness and support the astounding amount of work that has been done by this extraordinarily dedicated staff. James Smith Health Clinic completed its five year evaluation and completed its Community Health Plan in 2013. Our goal, as always, to improve patient outcomes while improving patient and provider satisfaction, and to reduce the overall cost to the system. We have been hosting monthly general health committee meetings which provide an opportunity for our members to learn about our many initiatives and to contribute their perspectives to the process. These meetings, combined with regular communication and word-of-mouth in the community have enabled us to deliver successful workshops in the community. But really the most important attribute of this health clinic is the people. I would like to thank the Chiefs and Councils for giving me the opportunity to be part of this challenging and very rewarding role. I would also like to thank the amazing staff that has become the glue holding all of our efforts together. It is a privilege to work with you all and I look forward to each day as we work toward primary health care transformation.

Message from Finance Clerk, Jean Sanderson

Funding for the James Smith Health Clinic is provided through various agencies with the majority coming from Health Canada, some from PAGC and others. The audit was done by Ingram & Yeadon Accountants in Melfort.

Included in the financial audit are:
• The auditor's opinion of the fairness of the financial statements
• Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
• Statement of Revenue, Expenditures and Fund Balances (Income Statement)
• Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenditures & Accumulated Surplus
• Statement of Net Assets
• Statement of Cash Flow
• Notes to the Financial Statements

There have been more successes in the financial aspect of the James Smith Health Clinic than there have been challenges. This year is the last for the Transfer and Contribution agreements to be in place. In the new fiscal year we will be in a different funding agreement. I look forward to the challenges that that may bring. Overall it has been a productive year with many programs being delivered to the community by the Health staff.

Message from Clinic Assistant, Eldeen McKay

Eldeen Mckay has been working with the doctor as Clinic Assistant, she started off working with Dr.Moe until he left and then went on to work with Dr. Van Der Ross who was here full time until he decided to go back to school. In the mean time we had Dr. Steffen and Dr. Renouf from Melfort filling in for Dr. Van Der Ross's clinic days on the reserve.

We are in the process of recruiting a new doctor as we would like to continue with regular clinic's Tuesday and Thursday each week. Along with that Eldeen is also in charge of booking appointments and arranging transportation for patients if needed. She also does follow-up on and referrals or lab work that has to be done. Getting the patients information and making and updating charts is another one of her tasks, this will include: name, birthdate, treaty number, and personal health number as each and every person that sees the doctor will have their own medical file. This information is also helpful for the CBRT reporting (Community Health Based Reporting) all information is confidential.

Eldeen is also in charge of doing the ordering of medical supplies for the clinic and all programs, she works close with the nurses, home care and dental. The doctor if they request any supplies we will order them as needed.

Other than that she also helps out as the front when needed as a receptionist and enjoys working at the Health Clinic.