Facility Maintenance

The James Smith Clinic is responsible for the Operation and Management of the health facility. The health transfer agreement provides the funding for the operation and maintenance of the building. There have been very positive comments from visitors and the general public on the cleanliness of the health facility. The Health clinic has begun to develop a Health facility maintenance management plan that will be submitted as part of the community Health Plan. This plan will serve as a guide for the staff and janitorial staff on proper maintenance of the health facility. There is also has a health and safety fire plan developed into the masterplan.

Through-out the last few years the health clinic did submitted for capital funding to expand and renovate the existing building this was completed in 2011.

This fiscal year the health clinic put in a submission to health Canada under the special projects capital funding projects, for the replacement of furnaces in order to support the efficient operation of the facility.

The submission was approved in January for $34, 149.00 to remove the 3 existing furnaces that serve the health clinic and replace with high efficient Lennox furnaces with all the proper ducting and venting.  All work was complete by the contractor by March 31, 2013

Maintenance and Janitorial
Health Canada (FNIHB) facilities management makes annual inspections of building, The office manager keeps records of equipment and vehicles for maintenance purposes and replacement assessments. Our objective is to provide proper maintenance and supervision of all assets and facility, to ensure they are in good repair and to extend their useful life. Health Clinic provides on-going orientation and training of Health Clinic Janitorial staff.

The janitorial staff is responsible for following the maintenance management plan that outlines the cleaning of health clinic. The objective is to maintain the building in good standard and includes interior and exterior cleaning of all surfaces; furniture replacement and perform other miscellaneous maintenance tasks throughout the health clinic. This assures our employees, clients and visitors a clean, healthy, comfortable and satisfying work placement environment. Work orders are done for minor maintenance repairs.

Maintenance and Janitorial PDF