PURPOSE of James Smith First Nation Pandemic Plan  

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and assistance for James Smith First Nation in the case of an Epidemic Disease or Pandemic Influenza.

The goal of the Pandemic Community Plan is to reduce illness and death as well as societal disruption.

We will achieve this by providing access to appropriate prevention, care and treatment during and Epidemic or Pandemic. Our First Nation has gathered together to create a community pandemic plan that meets the needs of our community. This plan presents the course of action individuals and families would take to achieve our goal. This would give each individual more responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

■ This is a community plan rather than a Health Clinic plan.
■ Individuals and families must come together and take responsibility to support and protect their household.
■ Health maintenance responsibility will include individuals and families.
■ All Band employed staff will have a role & responsibility during the pandemic.
■ The Holistic Health Support Team will be available for individuals and families to assist with crisis and lead to change for themselves, their families and the community.

To continue reading the plan please download the Pandemic Plan 2020.

COVID 19 Response Plan  

Community wide Curfew in effect from 11pm to 6am each day. Security will be inititiated immediately.

The Leadership and our Pandemic Committee appreciate your cooperation during this crisis and the best way to avoid infection is social distancing, self-isolation and disinfection. Further we would like to reassure each and every band member that we as First Nations people have persevered for thousands and thousands of years, we survived SMALL POX, we survived the 1918 Spanish Flu, and in modern times we survived H1N1; and we will survive through COVID 19. Finally ***There is currently no cases of COVID 19 in JSCN*** all our measures are precautionary at this time!

To continue reading the Response Plan download the COVID 19 Response Plan.

Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines For Community Members  

The document was specifically designed for community members. Different guidelines have been developed for healthcare facilities. Apart from valuable information on germs and the ways they spread, the document provides community members with suggestions and guidelines on possible ways of minimizing the transmission of infection during various day to day activities in homes, daycare centres and schools as well as at social gatherings. These suggestions and guidelines include proper hand washing, home cleaning and infection control measures at large community gatherings.

To continue reading the IPC Guidelines For Community Members please download the IPC Guidelines For Community Members.

Order in Council 128/2020  

The provisions set out in Column 3 are the provisions of The Emergency Planning Act that impose the prohibitions or requirements described in Column 2. Sections 16 of that Act provides that a contravention of any of the provisions referred to in Column 3 is an offence.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Item Number Description of Offence Provision Penalty Sum in Dollars
1 Failing to comply with Act, regulations or order made under the Act 16(a) $2,000 for individuals; 10,000 for corporations
2 Interfering with or obstructing person exercising power or duty under Act, regulations or order made under the Act 16(b) $2,000 for individuals; 10,000 for corporations
3 Failing to copy with directions of minister 18(4) $2,000 for individuals; 10,000 for corporations

To continue reading the Order in Council 128/2020 download the Order in Council 128/2020.

RCMP / Indigenous Checkpoint Relationship Process Tool   

Mission: Ensure a safe and healthy working relationship for all, ensuring communication throughout.

■ Checkpoint participants should contact their local RCMP Commander to discuss the checkpoint, roles and responsibilities to keep the lines of communication open.
■ Ensure all participants of a community checkpoint are designated and visible in appropriate attire. (eg. Highly visible, reflective safety vests)
■ If during a contact with a vehicle or person(s) at a designated checkpoint, something illegal is identified, call the RCMP to deal with the situation.
■ If there are concerns related to the potential non-compliance of the Saskatchewan Health Orders, please contact your local RCMP or 310- RCMP. (310-7267)
■ Ensure no checkpoint participants put themselves in harms way in any situation.
■ The RCMP will keep a running log of their attendance and contacts at the Indigenous Checkpoints.
■ Essential services should be allowed through all checkpoints.

To continue reading the Indigenous Checkpoint please download the RCMP/Indigenous Checkpoint Relationship Process Tool.

PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER March 26, 2020  

(Under Section 38 and Subsection 45(2) of The Public Health Act, 1994)

Control of Transmission of 2019 Novel Coronavirus

WHEREAS, I, Dr. Saqib Shahab, an official with the Ministry of Health and the Chief Medical Health Officer for the Province of Saskatchewan, have been authorized by the Minister of Health to act under section 45 of The Public Health Act, 1994;

AND WHEREAS, public gatherings and visiting hospitals and long-term care facilities can pose a public health threat due to the probability for the transmission of 2019 novel coronavirus which has been designated as an emerging communicable disease pursuant to clause 2(1)(d.1) of The Disease Control Regulations;

To continue reading the Public Health Order please download the PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER March 26, 2020.

Covid19 Public Health Orders - Enforcement on FN Communities   

All District Commanders & Program Officers,

The Saskatchewan COVID 19 Public Health Orders are enforceable on First Nations Communities. RCMP members should respond to complaints of violations of the Saskatchewan Public Health Orders on First Nations, the same way that we respond provincially. Public education should be the priority to encourage voluntary compliance with the current Public Health Order and any future orders that are made. The use of arrest authority should be a measure of last resort, after all other attempts at compliance have been unsuccessful and considering the unique circumstances of each case.

To continue reading the Public Health Orders please download the Covid-19 Public Health Orders - Enforcement on First Nations Communities.

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Pandemic Plan 2020
Covid-19 Response Plan
IPC Guidelines For Community Members
Order in Council 128/2020
RCMP/Indigenous Checkpoint Relationship Process Tool
Covid-19 Public Health Orders - Enforcement on First Nations Communities